Penn Climate and Sustainability Action Plan 3.0 Launch

Penn Sustainability is excited to launch the Climate and Sustainability Action Plan 3.0, the newest iteration of Penn’s roadmap for environmental sustainability across campus. Since the 2009 launch of the University’s first Climate Action Plan, and the 2014 recommitment to environmental sustainability, Penn can look back on a remarkable and steadily deepening array of accomplishments, and forward to a path of continual improvement in its ecological performance.

Please find highlights of progress to-date and a summary of new goals in the recent Penn Today news story; the full plan is available on the Penn Sustainability website.

Help us share this announcement with your networks.  Let’s celebrate our sustainable actions and our impact on climate change, as we showcase that The Red and The Blue really do come together to make a greener tomorrow for the greater good!  Thank you for your support and continued partnership.