Who are we?

Welcome to the Penn Professional Staff Assembly (PPSA), where we are dedicated to serving the monthly paid staff* community at the University of Pennsylvania and providing a forum through which staff can engage in dialogue about issues facing the University and higher education.  Our commitment is reflected in a multifaceted approach that includes facilitating relevant workshops, promoting University-wide initiatives, and organizing networking opportunities throughout the year.

Initiatives and Events

PPSA hosts a variety of workshops and programs throughout the year, ensuring that staff stays abreast of relevant developments and emerging trends. We actively promote University-wide initiatives, reflecting our dedication to fostering a thriving work environment. Networking opportunities are a cornerstone of our approach, creating spaces for meaningful connections and professional growth.

University Governance Representation

PPSA Board Members actively represent staff withing the University Governance structure. PPSA member representatives serve with voting representation on University Council Committees. The impact of our representation is further amplified by the significant roles held by the PPSA Tri-Chairs on the University Steering Committee, by regular engagement with the Faculty Senate Tri-Chairs, University President, Provost, and other key stakeholders, and by ensuring that the voice of our community is heard at the highest levels.

Collaboration and Engagement

Collaboration is a key pillar of our mission, and while we represent monthly-paid full-time staff, we actively work with the Penn Weekly-Paid Professional Staff Assembly (WPPSA) on matters of mutual interest and programming. Our Board Members and Committee Representatives dedicate themselves to being well-informed advocates for you, supporting and focusing staff engagement and collaboration within the University of Pennsylvania community, and acting as a productive resource for all.

Annual Retreat and Programming Highlights

PPSA’s commitment to professional development, diversity, and wellness is evident in our Annual Retreat held each summer. At this event, Board Members and Committee Representatives engage in joint exercises, culminating in an executive session to shape the themes and list of programs for the year. The programming year spans from September through June, and it features monthly events and networking opportunities. The highlight of our year is the October Employee Resource and Volunteer Service Fair, which is supported by the Office of the Executive Vice President and the Director of Human Resources.

Engage, Volunteer, and Lead

We encourage all PPSA members to be a guest at our monthly Board meetings, which are listed on the Events calendar. Our aim is to inspire more colleagues to volunteer and get involved! The PPSA holds annual elections each May, offering a platform for diverse representation from across the Penn community.

Your Voice Matters

Should you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions for the PPSA to consider, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Your input is invaluable and welcome!

Join us at PPSA – where collaboration, community, and professional growth converge.

*While the PPSA is pleased to provide information to all members of the University of Pennsylvania community, Post-Doctoral Fellows, Health System Employees, Adjunct and Associated Faculty, Graduate Students, and many Research Professionals do not fall within the monthly-exempt category that defines full PPSA membership.